About us!

TeamM are a group of professional Swedish filmmakers who all have in common a genuin interest in aviation in general and Swedish aviation history in particular. Behind TeamM is the filmproduction company Add Film & Media, situated in Lund in Sweden.


The people behind TeamM are:

Bertil Malmström - Together with Kenneth Malmström Bertil is the founder of TeamM. Also a filmmaker/cameraman/director.

Kenneth Malmström - Together with Bertil Malmström the founder of TeamM. Also the script writer of TeamM's films.

Lars Persson-Tille - Professional filmmaker, editor, 3D-animator and competent producer and director of corporate films. Also runs the TeamM webshop.

Karsten Runerheim - Professional filmmaker, editor, director and competent producer of documentary films.

Tomas Jacobsson - Competent stillphotographer and assistant during our film production. Also a very competent TRUCK DRIVER!


During our work at the Swedish flight wings, we have been given many opportunities to document a number of different airplanes. Due to TeamM:s good reputations within the Swedish aviation community, we have been given many unique opportunities to meet and document both the airplanes and the people that worked with them, the pilots and the ground crews, in the air and on the ground, first hand. All aviation video titles in this web shop have been produced by TeamM since 1995.


Contents of our films
And this is really the foundations on which our unique documentary films are based; the personal stories of the individual, talking about the airplane they work with and the work they do. Some of our titles are also narrated by Robin Walinder-Mähler, retired pilot and flight instructor. Since 1961 he worked as a flight instructor at the F5 Wing in Sweden, on the SAAB A32 Lansen, the SK60, the SK61 Bulldog, the SK50 safir, the SK28, the MFI9, the Super Cub, the SK35 and the SK37 (having also flown the "Hawk" on one occasion).


Our aim is to produce our documentary films with an approximate duration of 1 hour. We also try to include as much air-to-air footage as we can possibly produce, thus making our titles more attractive to our customers. And really, the planes belong in the air, and it is not everybody that gets the privilege and the opportunity to se the airplanes from that angle.


Some of our DVD titles take place at active Swedish flight wings. Although even if some of them have been closed down today, the story about them lives on! As also many of our customers and others have told us; "If it hadn't been documented by you when it happened the story would have been lost forever!".

But what about the story about "The SAAB39 Gripen at the F10 Wing" then, the Gripen is not considered a historical airplane today? No, but the F10 Wing and the people that worked with the Gripen there is history today. The F10 Wing at Barkåkra, Sweden, was closed down in 2002, but the pilots and the ground crew's stories lives on. As goes for our other film titles; "The SAAB35 Draken at the F10 Wing", "The SAAB37 Viggen at F4 Wing at Frösön" (the F4 Wing at Frösön is also history today) and our other two titles about the F10 wing.


Video quality
TeamM produce on many of the latest HD video formats, depending on the contents of the video. This is done in order to rendering the highest video and audio quality. For TV productions and other production purposes most of the video footage included in our film titles are available for purchase.


Short history
TeamM is a specialized group of people within the filmproduction company ADD Film & Media in Lund, Sweden. For more than 25 years now we have covered just about every angle of film & video production, having produced TV commercials, Corporate videos, Instructional videos, TV features and documentaries, filmed in the sky, on water and under water. We offer a wide range of professional communication solutions for any purpose, worldwide.

Click here to visite our web shop!

Click here to visite our web shop!


Capt Yannick "Thor" VALLET speaking. We all kept a fantastic remember of our time in your country. I am really excited when i think of discovering the pictures of that airshow! Hope to meet again, we keep in touch.
/Yann, Mirage-2000 pilot, Ile de France


"I found the bonus features excellent so am pleased I stayed with the subtitled version.Compliments on yet another excellent production and one made even better for international customers by the addition of English subtitles. Next time you film a show at Goteborg could you add any footage of the Cold War aircraft bunkers? Like the Swiss Air Force mountain caverns, they remain quite a mystery to those from abroad! /David Reid"