Aviation video clips, produced by TeamM!

Click on the video above!!! You will get an in flight ride of your lifetime!! In a Hawker Hurricane and in a Supermarine Spitfire! If you own a SMART TV, we recommend you to watch it through that!!

The Royal Jordanian Falcons, at the Göteborg Aero Show 2013 - in an amazing multi camera production!! 4 GoPros and two ground cameras! If you buy the DVD you will also get interviews with the team - and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! The DVD can be found here! Enjoy!

Video with the C-130 Hercules beloning to the Swedish Air Force. The footage is taken from the military air show at Malmen in Linköping 2012, and some of it is used on the DVD "Air Show Special 2012".

This video we produced during the Baltops exercise at Ravlunda, Sweden, on the 13th of June, 2015. In it you will find two B-52 bomber airplanes, located at the end of the video. You will also get to see a few military helicopters from the Royal Navy, UK, and some American dittos, and variety of different types of military sea vessels from the US, UK, Denmark, Sweden and Poland.

Promotion video for TeamM's air-show-DVD "Air Show Special 2012". The video above is our  promotion video which we uploaded to TeamM's channel on YouTube.

TeamM on YouTube! TeamM on YouTube!







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