Air Show Special 2012 - Read more!

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The air show DVD "Air Show Special 2012" is finished!


TeamM's aviation DVD "Air Show Special 2012" is finished, and is

available for purchase.


Price: SEK 275,00

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Total duration: Appr. 1h 49 min.
TV-system: PAL/SECAM

Language: Swedish
Production year: 2012/13
Condition: New!


Main feature:

- The Military air show at Malmen in Linköping (3 separate air displays with the Gripen, displays with the Draken, J29 Tunnan, Lansen, Hawker Hunter, J29, C-130 Hercules(!), Jurgis Kairys, Breitling Wingwalkers and much, much more! And finally, after all these years, the Viggen flies again!


Bonus features:

- Karup Air Show 2005 (with a Hungarian MiG-29, Team Aquilla, Patrouille Suisse, a Danish and a Dutch F-16, Tornado, Danish C-130 Hercules and more)

- The lasts air show at the Swedish Wing F10 - 2002 (showing the Team-60, Gripen (Fredrik Müchler), the Viggen and more)


Promotion videos:

- SFF (The Swedish Aviation Historical Society)

- The Swedish Air Force Historic Flight

- The Ängelholm Flygmuseum

- Fly N' Ride at Ljungbyhed


Also this year you will find a hidden "Easter egg"! If you find it you can win a price

from TeamM's webshop!